Nov. 2 action

Goal: Rally educators and the public in support of public education and voting. Generate headlines the day before the election on the importance of voting for public education.

Ideas for an action at your worksite:

  • Invite educators to decorate their cars and form a car parade through your school’s parking lot and/or neighborhood.
  • Pass out voting fliers and stickers to educators and parents as cars go through your school’s driveway during parent pickup.
  • Host a rally in your school’s parking lot. Invite educators and parents to speak about why they are voters.
  • Host a car decorating party in your school’s parking lot. Provide window paint, streamers, poster board, etc. and invite educators and parents to decorate their car with messages about voting for public education.
  • Publicize the “I vote for public education” window clings. Ask educators and parents to post selfies on social media with the window cling, using the hashtag #edmnvotes.

Planning your action:

  1. Determine the time and place for your action.
  2. Register your action and request fliers and stickers by filling out this form.
  3. Send an email to staff at your school with the details.
  4. Ask staff at your school to invite parents and community members to participate in the action.

Coordinating your action with Education Minnesota:

  • Please register your action by filling out this form.
  • Please track participation in the action in the Empower app. Click on the member’s name and mark if they attended your action.

Dos and don’ts:

  • Do encourage participants of your action to post on social media, using the hashtag #edmnvotes.
  • Do focus your messages on voting, public education, students and community.
  • If you are involving parents in your action, don’t focus your messages on candidates or political parties. Do focus on non-partisan get-out-the-vote messages.
  • Do share the Education Minnesota voter guide with Education Minnesota members. It’s at edmnvotes.org/voter-guide.
  • Don’t do campaign work during the teaching and learning duty day. Before and after the student day, duty-free lunch and outside of duty day are best.
  • Don’t argue with educators or parents about politics. It’s OK to walk away.
  • Do contact Education Minnesota staff if you have questions or need support.