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Become a GOTV leader

Help your local build capacity to exercise political power

Our ground-breaking Worksite Action Leader program was a key piece of our successful 2018 campaign, with members taking the lead on sharing voting information at their worksites and in their locals.

In 2022, members have the opportunity to become GOTV leaders — assisting WALs in their local union in implementing our campaign plan at targeted worksites.

GOTV leaders are eligible to receive a $1,200 stipend for their work between February and November.

Become a Worksite Action Leader

Help win generational change for your students

Join our 2022 campaign and help us win generational change for our students by volunteering to become a Worksite Action Leader in your building.

Requirements/job description:

  • Attend a virtual 60-minute Worksite Action Leader training.
  • Host non-partisan voter engagement activities in your building before Election Day. (One activity in September, one activity in October/November).
  • Share non-partisan voter education materials about the candidates with members in your building.
  • Conduct one-on-one conversations with targeted voters in your building.
  • Stay in contact with your local union’s GOTV leader and your assigned political organizer.
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