School board

Below is a list of school board members for the Win-E-Mac school district. Please visit the district for more information and for the official list of school board members.
Superintendent: Randy Bruer
District Email: rbruer@win-e-mac.k12.mn.us
Mailing Address: 23130 345th St SE, Erskine, MN 56535
Phone: 218-687-2236
Tyler Brekken
Email: tbrekken@wemschools.org
Term ends: 12/31/2024
Jim Ferden
Email: jferden@wemschools.org
Term ends: 12/31/2024
Jackie Huschle
Email: jhuschle@win-e-mac.k12.mn.us
Term ends: 12/31/2026
Megan Rock
Email: mrock@win-e-mac.k12.mn.us
Term ends: 12/31/2026
Bradley Sander
Email: bsander@wemschools.org
Term ends: 12/31/2026
Sarah Strom
Email: sstrom@wemschools.org
Term ends: 12/31/2024
Davin Swanson
Email: dswanson@wemschools.org
Term ends: 12/31/2024

Your legislators

Below is a list of state elected officials who represent the Win-E-Mac school district. Not sure who represents you? Visit the State of Minnesota’s legislator finder and enter your address to find out what district you are in.
Senate District 1: Mark Johnson, R – East Grand Forks
• Email: sen.mark.johnson@senate.mn
• Phone: 651-296-5782
• Facebook: Senator.Mark.Johnson
• Twitter: @Senmarkjohnson
• Legislative aide: Rachel Bakke – 651-296-8660
House District 1B: Debra Kiel, R – Crookston
• Email: rep.deb.kiel@house.mn.gov
• Phone: 651-296-5091
• Facebook: RepDebKiel
• Legislative aide: Jean Cottington – 651-296-4999

Local union affiliates

Win-E-Mac Teachers United
Phone: (218) 563-2042
President: Amanda Shultz
Email: ashultz@win-e-mac.k12.mn.us
Field staff: Blake Plankers
Email: Blake.Plankers@edmn.org
Win-E-Mac Education Assistants and School Related Personnel
Phone: (218) 358-0719
President: Amanda Davis
Email: mdavis@win-e-mac.k12.mn.us
Field staff: Blake Plankers
Email: Blake.Plankers@edmn.org