School board

Below is a list of school board members for the Mabel-Canton school district. Please visit the district for more information and for the official list of school board members.
Superintendent: Gary Kuphal
District Email: gkuphal@mabelcanton.org
Mailing Address: 316 W Fillmore Ave, Mabel, MN 55954
Phone: 507-493-5422
Cristal Adkins
Term ends: 1/1/2025
Traci Livingood
Term ends: 1/1/2027
Jason Marquardt
Term ends: 1/1/2025
Chris Miller
Term ends: 1/1/2025
Dustin Tollefsrud
Term ends: 1/1/2027
Mark Weidemann
Term ends: 1/1/2025
Diane Wilder
Term ends: 1/1/2027

Your legislators

Below is a list of state elected officials who represent the Mabel-Canton school district. Not sure who represents you? Visit the State of Minnesota’s legislator finder and enter your address to find out what district you are in.
Senate District 26: Jeremy Miller, R – Winona
• Email: sen.jeremy.miller@senate.mn
• Phone: 651-296-5649
• Facebook: SenatorJeremyMiller
• Twitter: @jeremyrmiller
• Legislative aide: Maureen Watson – 651-296-7193
House District 26B: Greg Davids, R – Preston
• Email: rep.greg.davids@house.mn.gov
• Phone: 651-296-9278
• Legislative aide: Alayna Smieja – 651-296-1915

Local union affiliates

Mabel-Canton Education Association, Chapter of the River Valley Education Association
President: Pamela Rasmussen
Email: prasmussen@mabelcanton.org
Field staff: Linda Pfeilsticker
Email: Linda.Pfeilsticker@edmn.org