School board

Below is a list of school board members for the Laporte school district. Please visit the district for more information and for the official list of school board members.
Superintendent: AJ Dombeck
District Email: aj.dombeck@laporte.k12.mn.us
Mailing Address: 315 Main St W, Laporte, MN, 56461
Phone: 218-224-2288 x1009
Karl Beck
Email: karl.beck@laporte.k12.mn.us
Term ends: 12/31/2026
Andrew Graham
Email: andrew.graham@laporte.k12.mn.us
Term ends: 12/31/2026
Jessica Howg
Email: jessica.howg@laporte.k12.mn.us
Phone: 218-760-0092
Term ends: 12/31/2024
Joe Jorland
Email: joe.jorland@laporte.k12.mn.us
Phone: 218-407-7081
Term ends: 12/31/2026
John Seegmiller
Email: john.seegmiller@laporte.k12.mn.us
Phone: 218-224-3156
Term ends: 12/31/2024
Courtney Weber
Email: coutney.weber@laporte.k12.mn.us
Term ends: 12/31/2026
Holly Wright
Email: holly.wright@laporte.k12.mn.us
Phone: 507-251-8590
Term ends: 12/31/2024

Your legislators

Below is a list of state elected officials who represent the Laporte school district. Not sure who represents you? Visit the State of Minnesota’s legislator finder and enter your address to find out what district you are in.
Senate District 2: Steve Green, R – Fosston
• Email: sen.steve.green@senate.mn
• Phone: 651-297-8063
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RepSteveGreen
• Legislative aide: Tom Brennan – 651-296-0101
House District 2B: Matt Bliss, R – Pennington
• Email: rep.matt.bliss@house.mn.gov
• Phone: 651-296-5516
• Facebook: RepMattBliss
• Twitter: @MattBlissMN
• Legislative aide: Justin Brill – 651-296-5813
Senate District 5: Paul Utke, R – Park Rapids
• Email: sen.paul.utke@senate.mn
• Phone: 651-296-9651
• Facebook: SenatorPaulUtke
• Twitter: @senutke
• Legislative aide: Bryce Hingst – 651-296-4196
House District 5A: Krista Knudsen, R – Lake Shore
• Email: rep.krista.knudsen@house.mn.gov
• Phone: 651-296-9918
• Facebook: kristaknudsenforhouse
• Twitter: @KristaForHouse
• Legislative aide: Mary Elizabeth Lonergan – 651-297-5603

Local union affiliates

Education Minnesota-Laporte Teachers
Phone: (320) 262-6961
President: Sylvia Johannes
Email: sylvia.johannes@laporte.k12.mn.us
Field staff: Vanessa Pulkrabek
Email: Vanessa.Pulkrabek@edmn.org
Laporte Federation of Educational Support Professionals
President: Keely Howard
Email: keely.dremmel@laporte.k12.mn.us
Field staff: Vanessa Pulkrabek
Email: Vanessa.Pulkrabek@edmn.org