East Central

School board

Below is a list of school board members for the East Central school district. Please visit the district for more information and for the official list of school board members.
Superintendent: Andrew M. Almos
District email: aalmos@eastcentral.k12.mn.us
Mailing Address: 61085 State Hwy 23, Finlayson, MN 55735
Phone: 320-245-6001
Peter Brown
Email: pbrown@eastcentral.k12.mn.us
Phone: 320-838-1452
Term expires: 2024
Julie Domogalla – Clerk
Email: jdomogalla@eastcentral.k12.mn.us
Phone: 320-838-3179
Term expires: 2022
Doug Ecklund – Vice Chair
Email: doug.ecklund@eastcentral.k12.mn.us
Phone: 320-838-1699
Term expires: 2024
Angie Presley
Email: apresley@eastcentral.k12.mn.us
Phone: 320-245-6820
Term expires: 2021
Jeannette Kester
Email: jkester@eastcentral.k12.mn.us
Phone: 320-216-5076
Term expires: 2022
Judy Loken – Treasurer
Email: jloken@eastcentral.k12.mn.us
Phone: 320-245-5117
Term expires: 2022
Rich Thomsen – Chair
Email: rthomsen@eastcentral.k12.mn.us
Phone: 320.838.3546
Term expires: 2022

Your legislators

Below is a list of state elected officials who represent the East Central school district. Not sure who represents you? Visit the State of Minnesota’s legislator finder and enter your address to find out what district you are in.
Senate District 10: Carrie Ruud, R – Breezy Point
• Email: sen.carrie.ruud@senate.mn
• Phone: 651-296-4913
• Facebook: sen.carrie.ruud
• Twitter: @CarrieRuud
Legislative aide
House District 10B: Dale Lueck, R – Aitkin
• Email: rep.dale.lueck@house.mn
• Phone: 651-296-2365
• Facebook: dale.lueck
• Twitter: @DKL5342
Legislative aide
Senate District 11: Jason Rarick, R – Pine City
• Email: sen.jason.rarick@senate.mn
• Phone: 651-296-1508
• Facebook: SenatorRarick
• Twitter: @jasonrarick
Legislative aide
House District 11A: Mike Sundin, DFL – Esko
• Email: rep.mike.sundin@house.mn
• Phone: 651-296-4308
• Facebook: Mike Sundin
Legislative aide
House District 11B: Nathan Nelson, R – Hinckley
• Email: rep.nathan.nelson@house.mn
• Phone: 651-296-0518
• Facebook: RepNathanNelson
• Twitter: @NathanNelsonMN
Legislative aide

Local union affiliate

East Central United Educators
Address: 639 E. Central Entrance, Duluth, MN 55811
Phone: 218-723-2306

President: Eric Johnson
Field staff: Kathleen Adee
-Email: kathleen.adee@edmn.org
East Central
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