Photo by Brad Sigal

Join us at our 2024 Political Conference

We’re all worth more! Now is the time to raise our voices for the good of our members, our schools and our state. Join us at the 2024 Political Conference Feb. 2-3 at the Radisson Blu Mall of America as we launch our campaign to elect officials who will invest in pay, pensions, health care and better working conditions.

Registration closes on Jan. 29.

Be a voter for public education

Public education shouldn’t be at the mercy of politics. But the reality is, elected officials are constantly weighing policies on testing, standards and funding that affect our schools, children and educators every day.

That’s why educators are standing up and standing together in 2024.

This election is extremely important for our educators, students and schools. Nine out of 10 schools in Minnesota are facing a significant educator shortage. Now more than ever, we need elected leaders who take this issue seriously, and who pledge to seriously invest in educator pay, pensions, health care and working conditions so that we can have the quality schools our educators, students and communities deserve.

Our union of more than 86,000 educators actively supports pro-educator and pro-public education candidates.

We have the power through our democracy and union to vote for public education so we can improve our pay, pensions, health care and working conditions.

We need educators at the forefront of that movement.