Secretary of State’s race

Steve Simon - ENDORSED

A Minnesota native, Steve Simon has served as secretary of state since 2015.

As in 2018, all candidates for state constitutional offices had to complete a questionnaire, created by educators, and participate in a forum with Education Minnesota members to be considered for our endorsement.

In his questionnaire, Simon said he opposes any effort to limit the amount of money a school district could ask voters to approve in a levy.

“Such proposals unduly tie the hands of school districts and entire communities,” he said. “The best policy is to leave to school districts the choices about how much to ask from their voters, and under what circumstances. Then let the voters decide.”

“Minnesota has been well-served by its constitutional officers and they deserve reelection,” said Denise Specht, president of the Education Minnesota. “With their experience and values, they will continue to hold accountable the most powerful corporations in the nation – including price-gouging pharmaceutical companies and the billionaires who profited from the opioid epidemic, to defend democratic elections from the conspirators in the Big Lie, and to report an honest accounting of how the public’s money is spent.” 

Here’s why educators should care:

  • Preparing our students to be good citizens is one of the most important aspects of the job of an educator. Nothing is more important for citizenship than voting.
  • Among the duties of the secretary is making sure Minnesota has free and fair elections.
  • Educators must support and protect the right to vote for all our current and former students.