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No matter what we look like or where we live, most of us want similar things for our children. We want them to grow up safe, supported and loved. We want them to attend welcoming schools that prepare them for success after high school.
Unfortunately, the wealthiest few and the lawmakers who do their bidding have used budget deficits to make that more difficult by exacerbating inequities in our schools. In 2010, they cut or delayed state education aid instead of addressing the real issue – decades of chronic underfunding.

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School board resolution to fully fund public education

We’re asking locals to persuade their school board members to pass resolutions supporting raising the revenue necessary to pay for the services our students need. That includes more mental health services, smaller class sizes, creating schools all students feel welcome in, increased broadband for students and communities, addressing disruptions caused by COVID-19 and more.  
School boards have tremendous influence over state legislators. Passing a resolution will put an enormous amount of pressure on lawmakers to do the right thing and increase funding for public education.

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