10-Minute Meeting Resources

Consider sending out one of the optional video links below to share with your members prior to your 10-minute meeting on the Due North budget.

  • CBS News: Americans know wealth inequality is a problem, but what does it look like? (6:23) In order to understand the full story of chronic underfunding in education and the solutions needed to help right the economic wrongs of the past and present, it is important to understand the true face of wealth inequality in the United States. This six-minute CBS News segment provides a well-rounded explanation of what wealth inequality actually looks in Americausing pie as our pie chart!

  • United for a Fair Economy: The BBs of Wealth. (5:19) We know the pandemic has impacted everyone across the state, but we also know that not every Minnesotan has been impacted equally. Using the sound of dropping BBs into a metal soup pot, this five-minute video provides a unique and auditory way to ground us in the reality that wealth is not distributed equally in the U.S.

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