ISD 656 School Board

Below is a list of school board members for the Faribault school district. Please visit the district for more information and for the official list of school board members.
Superintendent: Todd Sesker
District email: tsesker@faribault.k12.mn.us
Mailing Address: 710 17th Street SW, PO Box 618, Faribault, MN 55021
Phone: 507-333-6010
Chad Wolff
Email: cwolff@faribault.k12.mn.us
Phone: (612) 716-1757
Term expires: 12/31/22
John Bellingham
Email: jbellingham@faribault.k12.mn.us
Phone: 507-412-9429
Term expires: 12/31/22
Carolyn Treadway
Email: ctreadway@faribault.k12.mn.us
Phone: 507-339-9554
Term expires: 12/31/22
Courtney Cavellier
Email: ccavellier@faribault.k12.mn.us
Phone: 857-998-9595
Term expires: 12/31/22
Jerry Robicheau
Email: jrobicheau@faribault.k12.mn.us
Phone: 507-334-4403
Term expires: 12/31/24
Casie Steeves
Email: csteeves@faribault.k12.mn.us
Phone: 507-491-6175
Term expires: 12/31/2024
Richard Olson
Email: rolson@faribault.k12.mn.us
Phone: 507-334-2373
Term expires: 12/31/24
ISD 656 School Board

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