Education funding

If we’re serious about making sure every student can pursue their dreams, our state needs to get serious about funding what works.

Investing in smaller class sizes, mental health services, high-quality training for educators, learning and working environments that are welcoming and inclusive and competitive compensation packages are key to attracting and retaining great educators.

It’s time for Minnesota to fully fund public education to give students and educators the safe and racially just schools they deserve. That means the richest 1 percent need to pay their fair share and the state needs to invest billions of dollars into strategies proven to help our students succeed. This includes:

  • Reversing Minnesota’s perpetual underfunding of education by significantly increasing the per-pupil funding formula and tying it annually to inflation.
  • Creating a new racial equity funding stream and increasing American Indian aid so schools can better serve students of color and Indigenous students.
  • Full funding of special education costs at the state and federal levels instead of relying on school districts to pay for them.

Learn more: Education funding issue brief

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