2022 GOTV Leader

Goals of position:

– Assist the local union in building capacity to exercise political power.
– Lead 2022 worksite action leaders in implementing the campaign plan at targeted worksites.
– Coordinate local union efforts with the statewide Education Minnesota campaign.
Stipend Available: GOTV leaders will be eligible to receive a stipend of $1,200 for leading this work from February-November 2022.

Activities and duties required to earn stipend:

– Attend the 2022 Education Minnesota political conference training.
– Participate in 30-minute monthly or biweekly Zoom meetings with Education Minnesota political organizer and a cohort of other local union get-out-the-vote leaders.
– Participate in an individual 10- 15-minute monthly or biweekly Zoom or phone check-in with assigned Education Minnesota political organizer.
– Assist in recruitment of worksite action leaders for targeted buildings in the local.
– Assist with campaign communications to worksite action leaders by email, text and Zoom about the campaign activities at worksites. Support worksite action leaders in their efforts. Campaign activities summarized below.
– Lead social media and texting tactics for the local union in the campaign.

Worksite campaign activities timeline:

April/May 2022: 10-minute meeting or educational activity in buildings on what is at stake in 2022 and ask Education Minnesota members to sign pledge cards with the goal of 100 percent pledge card participation before the end of the school year.
Back to school 2022: Worksite leaders deliver pledge cards back to members with candy, note, etc. in mailboxes the week before early voting begins.
September 2022: Hold 10-minute meeting, social or educational activity to share Education Minnesota voter guide.
Final week before election: Social or educational activity, or other visibility activity, to encourage 100 percent voter turnout in the building.
Throughout: One-on-one conversations with targeted list of members in the building.

Questions? Contact Anna Brelje at anna.brelje@edmn.org.

Is your local president willing to serve as a reference for you to serve in this position?*

Worksite Action Leader sign-up form

Join our 2022 campaign and help us win generational change for our students by volunteering to become a Worksite Action Leader in your building.

Requirements/job description:

  • Attend a virtual 60-minute Worksite Action Leader training sometime between May and July.
  • Host non-partisan voter engagement activities in your building between Spring 2022 and Election Day. (One activity in April/May, one activity in September, one activity in October/November).
  • Share non-partisan voter education materials about the candidates with members in your building.
  • Conduct one-on-one conversations with targeted voters in your building.
  • Stay in contact with your local union’s GOTV leader and your assigned political organizer.

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