Calls to action

Unity selfie

Between April 16 and May 1, we’re asking Worksite Unity Leaders to organize and post a selfie “collage” with colleagues as a show of solidarity for our hourly school workers fighting for guaranteed pay and benefits!

We have three goals for this action:

  1. Put pressure on state senators blocking the passage of a bill that would keep hourly school workers employed through the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, and add to the voices calling for the passage of the bill.
  2. Show the world that educators and education support professionals are united, making the best of a hard time and showing solidarity with each other.
  3. Test the willingness of our members to engage in actions led by worksite unity teams.

Districts around the state are already laying off education support professionals and other hourly workers. Those cuts will only continue if we don’t get House File 4415 passed to guarantee them pay and benefits through these closures.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Use the building list you received at the Unity Summit to invite colleagues to participate.
  2. Create the selfie collage by setting up a meeting via GoToMeeting, Zoom or Google Hangout/Meeting and taking a screenshot of everyone holding signs with messages of solidarity like #rESPect or “I support hourly school workers.” You can also upload individual pictures of co-workers holding signs and make a photo collage with an app or web-based platform.
  3. Add text to your photo collage with your local union name and a solidarity message.
  4. Once your collage is finished, share on your personal and local union social media accounts with the hashtags #mnleg, #edmnvotes and #rESPect, email it to your school board members and send to EdMN via email using the “original size” directions below to ensure the highest resolution possible.
  5. Use the Empower app to mark those people in your building who participated. You can find Empower login and how-to-use instructions here.

Sample social media posts

Hourly school workers feed, transport and care for our students every day – let’s make sure they are paid and protected from layoffs! Pass HF4415 now! #mnleg #rESPect

Educators are essential workers. It’s time to put HF4415 into law to help protect them from lost pay and layoffs during these uncertain times. #mnleg #rESPect

ESPs, bus drivers, nutrition, child care workers are among the school employees most vulnerable to losing pay – or their jobs – during this pandemic. Pass HF4415 to keep their families afloat! #mnleg #rESPect

Selfie best practices

  • If creating a collage in an app, make sure all photos are sent to you at the highest resolution or their “original size.”
  • If sharing through your phone app, please choose “original size” when asked.
  • You may also try sharing through Google Photos or iCloud.
  • Keeping the “original quality” of your video is very simple to do on Google Photo. Simply go to the settings and select
    that option once you are ready.
  • Keep in mind that the videos shared on iCloud will be compressed. That means that the quality will not be as high
    as in your device. You may also try MailDrop or AirDrop if sending from an iPhone.
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